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Diseases of the blood vessels of the head and neck or spine

An aneurysm is a weak ballooned out area of an artery that may rupture and bleed. Patients who have had a rupture need urgent treatment. The safest and least invasive treatment is to close the aneurysm with “coils” which we place through the groin working inside the arteries.
Aneurysms that have not bled may not require treatment if they are small.
Blood clots (most commonly from the heart) can block the arteries of the brain causing a stroke. Large blood clots can be removed form the arteries using suction catheters or stents to pull the clot out. 
Arteriovenous malformation
Arteries of the brain or spine that are not properly formed can be a cause of bleeding or seizures. Not all arteriovenous malformations require treatment but some can be treated by closing them off using glue like liquids which can be injected through catheters.
Blocking off the blood flow to tumours can help make surgery easier and safer. Some tumours  can even be treated by injecting chemotherapy directly into the tumour from catheters placed through the arteries.

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