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The mission of the South African Neuro-Interventional Society is to foster the use of endovascular techniques for the treatment of diseases of the vascular system of the head,neck and spine. Our goal is to advance Neuro-endovascular techniques and related sciences, to improve patient care, to support meaningful basic and clinical research, to provide leadership in undergraduate and graduate education and continuing education, and to provide administrative facilities necessary to meet these goals.

Article I NAME
The Society shall be named the South African Neuro-Interventional Society.It is constituted as a subsection of the Interventional Society of the Radiology Society of South Africa. Members are required to be existing members of either the Radiology Society of South Africa or the Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa.

Section 1
The objectives of the Society shall be:
1. To promote, develop and advance the use of Neuro-endovascular methods and related sciences in the treatment of cranio-facial and spinal vascular disease.
2. To protect patients through the appropriate use of Neuro-endovascular methods.
3. To provide the administration necessary to achieve the above.
Section 2
The functions of the Society shall be:
1. To establish a forum for the review of Neuro-endovascular basic science and clinical diagnosis and treatment.
2. To establish and publish minimum standards for the practice of Neuro-intervention.
3. To establish minimum requirements for training in Neuro-intervention.
4. To provide the Radiology Society and funders with the names of active members who can use the NRPL Neuro-interventional codes for purposes of billing.
Section 3 
Membership as an active member should be interpreted as an endorsement of the qualification of the respective member to perform Neuro-endovascular procedures.
Section 4
Resignations shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Society in writing.

The members elected to this Society shall be divided into three types:
(1) Active (2) Associate (3) Honorary
Section 1
Active shall be medical doctors who are members of the Radiology Society of South Africa or the South African Neurosurgery Society. They must be actively involved in the practice of Neuro-intervention. They must have completed a formal training program covering theory and practice of Neuro-intervention unless they are considered a founding member. Only active members are entitled to vote or hold office.
Section 2.
Associate members may be medical doctors or professionals in any related field who are either not members of the above Societies, not actively involved in Neuro-intervention or are not fully trained in accordance with Article. They may participate in any or all of the scientific activities of the Society but not hold office or vote.
Section 3.
Honorary members may be appointed at the discretion of the active members if it is felt they merit such recognition. They may not hold office or vote.
Section 4
The credentials of candidates for active or associate membership shall be considered by at least five active members in accordance with the Bylaws in Article IV.

Section 1
New members shall be elected at such time as five or more active members meet.
Section 2
Procedure of application for membership – the candidate must meet the qualifications for membership as laid out in article III of the Bylaws. Membership shall be proposed by two active members in writing to the active members.
Section 3
Procedure for election – Favorable votes from a minimum of 3 members out of 5 is required for election. Voting is to be closed. If successful the candidate is notified and immediately installed.
Section 4
Any candidate who applies for membership but is unsuccessful may apply again at another meeting.

Section 1
The control of the Society shall be vested in all active members led by the President and Secretary of the Society.
Section 2
The President shall be responsible for convening, organising and presiding over annual scientific meetings as well as all other duties required of a president including the execution of Society rules. Term of office is one year.
Section 3
The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all meetings and issuing written notice of Society decisions when appropriate. The secretary is also responsible for liaising with the Radiology and Neurosurgery Societies. Term of office is 3 years.
Section 4
Election is by nomination and closed vote at the annual business meeting. Office is assumed on the day after closing of the annual meeting.

Section 1
Amendments to these bylaws must be proposed in writing to the Secretary before the annual meeting. The Secretary must mail the proposal to the active members before the meeting.
Section 2
An affirmative vote of two thirds must be obtained before adoption of the amendment.  

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